24 Feb 2015

Most of the cherry blossoms in Japan are Somei-yoshino which is a hybrid of two species;

the one named “Edohigan”which blooms before its leaves coming out as show in the following picture.
When will be the best time for viewing cherry blossoms ?
and the other named “Ohshima” with larger flower petals as shown in the picture below.
When will be the best time for viewing cherry blossoms ?
Therefore,  Somei-yoshino is first covered by blossoms and their leaves appear afterward.
But they can not bleed by their seeds.
They are artificially made by grafting where the particular tree is implanted into a mother tree as shown in this picture.
In other word, they are all clones of one tree.
So that all the trees bloom at once if the weather condition is the same.They last only two weeks at the longest, according to the forecast they will start bloomimg on March 26 this year in Kanto area.

The first week of April seem to be the best time to visit Japan.

I recommend to visit the east garden of imperial palace.There are about 250 trees of 35 kinds of cherry blossoms in this garden.There are other places but many people enjoy drinking in this season. You can enjoy the beauty of the blossoms without the noise and crowd there.
 The prediction of  the starting date of  2017 cherry blossom season has just announced.   It will be around  24th of March, so be prepared ! (Added on Feb. 17th, 2017)
The starting of 2017 cherry blossome season has jusy predicted as 24th of March.

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