What a loyal dog!

by Hiroyuki

An Akita dog named Hachi is famous for having been loyal to his master. 82 years passed after his death. Now, there are four statues of Hachi which is each located in front of Shibuya station, in front of Odate city in Akita prefecture, the birthplace of Hachi, in front of Hisai station in Mie prefecture, the birthplace of his master and in the campus of the University of Tokyo. The master of Hachi was a professor of the University of Tokyo and he often took Hachi to Shibuya station on the way commuting. Subsequently,  Hachi came to wait for his return home in front of Shibuya station but one year after he became the member of his family, his master named Hidesaburo Ueno suddenly died. After that, Hachi kept coming in front of Shibuya station every morning and evening for ten years until he died. 2 years ago, the newest statue of Hachi was built in the campus of the University of Tokyo. This statue depicts Hachi delighted by his master return. Today, I said to Hachi, Are you happy to meet your master after a long interval? Really, it's been more than 90 years since they were separated. If you are interested in Hachi, it is good for you to join my tour. I would like you to meet Hachi.

Stuffed Hachi at National Museum of Nature and Science

What a loyal dog!

Hachi and his master, Professor Ueno

What a loyal dog!

What a loyal dog!

19 May 2017

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