Welcome to "that" Fukushima Japan.

by Teruo

You know that Fukushima Japan. it was raised big name by big accident in Japan 11th March 2011. We had much damage of life, material, minds,propaty and reputation. But we could get the new aim for future as reconstruction by that. Now we are on our way for New FUKUSHIMA. Their tour programs and plots are parts of them. Of course we have much more. Fukushima had not Local tour for foerien tourist at all last years. Now we can start and present New way of Fukushima.

Next tours are chozen as starter sample of them.

 =Taking Rail  and walking tour.

SWing-Un-Sen, Heart warms and Ordinary Local line

 Meeting at map..  https://goo.gl/maps/np7tv

Welcome to "that" Fukushima  Japan.

 = Walking , historic and cultural city tour.

Water city Ko-oriyama, Frontier water road.

 Meeting at map..  https://goo.gl/maps/np7tvWelcome to "that" Fukushima  Japan.


=Walling, Cultural and experience city tour.

Beautiful View of Koriyama landscape & Space Park Experience.

 Meeting at map..  https://goo.gl/maps/np7tvWelcome to "that" Fukushima  Japan.





13 Dec 2014

Licensed Guide

Contact Teruo

The Only professional Local guide/field worker in Fukushima JAPAN.
Yo can find "GEEF:Fukushima Tourism Guide.JAPAN " on world wide web.please search it by google or *******.
Please read other condition detail and information in this web site. And talk over from it .
I am a scientist as Geologist. I can accept ordinary and specific tour in all area of Fukushima prefecture and take tour leading all area of Japan.
Of course, have general travel manager and coordinator license in Japan.
I learned tourism guiding at Sydney in Australia and had guide license at Fukushima.
I was bone in Fukushima prefecture, habitant now.
Also, full professional driver licensee.
Contact me when you have interest in Fukushima JAPAN or just JAPAN.
I will research,confirm and coordinate you by myself. read more

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