This is the photo taken at a Sushi bar I visited for lunch.  Doesn't it look like Matcha ice cream? Actually this is Wasabi for Sushi, lol! 

Wasabi is known worldwidely as Japanese horseradish, although horseradish is a different plant. However this is the best explanation to get the image of what Wasabi tastes like.

Once you lick Wasabi paste, you get knocked by the strong and cool flavor through your nose. If you have a full spoon of it, that will instantly cause you headache, and long-lasting sore in your noseholes. This is the different point from the chilli attack and mastard attack. Tongue is less important here to discribe how Wasabi works.

There are countless types of spices in the world, but Wasabi is quite unique because of its extremely cool pungency. Wasabi is indispensable in Japanese dining  just as Korean food can't be completed without chilli. Most of the Japanese family have a ready-to-use Wasabi paste in tube. Not only Sushi but also other casual food (such as Kamaboko, a processed seafood product ) go very well with Wasabi.

To get the best of Wasabi, keeping moderate is the key.  For beginners, please enjoy it little by little. Again, please do not go pretending to be brave!


19 Nov 2017

Licensed Guide

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Hi, I am an English speaking tour guide with national license. I love travelling overseas myself, which made me start my new career path as an interpretting tour guide in 2017 after 16 year's working at a publisher.

I have lived in Tokyo for 20 years. It has been always my joy to rediscover Tokyo, and sharing those fine tips with you is going to be my happiest monent. Let me help you create unforgettable memory by suggesting you from
casual canteens to hi-end restaurants, from traditional experience to modern activities, from sacred spots to romantic sites, and so on.

My idea is "Travel is a chance to streangthen togetherness among family, friends, and lovers." I truly got over my serious situations through travel, which I was saved by.
If you are thinking of a surprise gift during your stay to whom you are accompanying, please feel free to share your idea with me beforehand.

Just for information, I stayed in Malaysia for 2 months by summer homestay program for high-schoolers, and also studied in Hong Kong for half a year as a college exchange student. I am especially a big fan of Asian countries, but at the same time I have a strong longing for Western cultures.

Waiting for your contact. See you in Tokyo! (^_^) read more

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