Walked around Senso-ji temple

by Amethyst

We walked around Asakusa especially Sensoji area in sunny day. There are a lot of foreigners. They enjoyed Asakusa on their way.

At first, I took a photograph in front of Kaminari-mon gate that is famous for the flagship of Tokyo tour. Fujin and Raijin stand inside of the gate to pray for peace of Asakusa. 

Walked around Senso-ji temple

Turn our face to the right in front of Kaminari-mon gate, we are able to see modern Skytree tower and Headquarter of Asahi Beer corporation (the building is imitated the glass of draft beer!

Walked around Senso-ji temple

 When we pass through the gate we enter Nakamise-dori street. There are a lot of B class goumet foods and traditional souveniors at low price!

Walked around Senso-ji temple

There are Japanese beautiful sandals store in Nakamise-dori street. The sandals (called "Zori") are used when we wear kimonos.

Walked around Senso-ji temple

This is the traditional way to cook "Ningyo-yaki". The small cake is made by cooking batter of flour, eggs and sugar in an iron mold that looks like a doll ("Ningyo" means doll in Japanese). They are sold both with and without anko.  They demonstrate and we can enjoy eating the cake hot from the oven :)

Walked around Senso-ji temple There is one of the famous Japanese restaurant in Nakamise-dori street. Spit‐roasting, Kamameshi (a dish in which rice, meat and vegetables are served in a small pot) and Soba are served in the restaurant.Walked around Senso-ji temple

"Imahan” is famous Sukiyaki restaurant in Japan. Sukiyaki is served in the Japanese hot pot style. It consists of thinly sliced beef which is slowly cooked or simmered at the table, alongside vegetables, eggs and Japasene ingredients (a mixture of soy sause, sugar and mirin).  Please try it at Imahan!Walked around Senso-ji temple

Finally we arrived at Senso-ji temple.

Walked around Senso-ji temple

Inside of Senso-ji temple, Tokugawa ieyasu and other shogun in Tokugwa Shogunate are worshipped.

Walked around Senso-ji temple

People put coins in this offertory box to purifiy themselves.Walked around Senso-ji temple

"Gosyuin" is popular for young generation nowadays. The purple book is "Gosyuin-cho" that is used for gather Gosyuin stamp at Japanese shrine and temples. It is not just a stamp. It shows respect to gods and Buddhas. A lot of Japanese gather Gosyuins in Gosyuin-cho .

Walked around Senso-ji temple 

Walked around Senso-ji temple

It was sunny outside all through the day. A lot of foreigners wear beautifurl kimonos and took pictures.

Walked around Senso-ji temple

There is a tempura restrant close to Kaminari-mon gate.

Walked around Senso-ji templeIf you are interested in the awesome tour of Asakusa, please kindly contact me! One day Awesome Asakusa trip only for you!

30 Mar 2017

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