30 Sep 2015

It is said that this shrine is the oldest wooden structre a shrine in the history. 

Of course, it is the UNESCO world heritage site .

It is not gorgeous, it is not large, but a small and really old shrine. 

However, when you stand in front of the main hall, you will be in the old time dating back to Heian era ( 794 to 1185 )

The origin of the shrine is unknown, it is too old and no record.

The story said,,,,,

The son of Ojin Emperor, and the Emperor Ojin and the Emperor Ninotoku are enshrined here.

The story said that the shrine is dedicated to Uji-no Wakeiratsuko, who is the son of the Emperor Ojin, and he committed suicide to let his brother, The Emperor Nintoku,  succeed the title of the next Emperor.

Ujigami shrine, the oldest wooden structure as a shrineUjigami shrine, the oldest wooden structure as a shrine

The building is said to have been rebuilt in 1067 by the Emperor Reizei when he came to Uji.  as the research proved the pillar of the building can dates back to that time.

The first picture is said to be the one at Kamakura era, ( 1185-1333)

Ujigami shrine, the oldest wooden structure as a shrine

If you have a chance to come to Uji to see Byodo-in temple and tea shops, why don't you stop by here? ( No entrance fee)

10 min walk from Byodo-in temple.

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