21 Jul 2014

Hold your tourguide in your hand!
Triposo offers tips and points of interest in many cities in Japan.
Although I believe any digital guide can never give you the personal service
live guide can, it is a good alternative.

Do note that Triposo is a relatively young app. This means that sometimes you might find
a bug in the programming. Also, Triposo is not available for all of Japan yet. On the other hand,
the programmers behind the app are eager to try new things and you might find that updates
come with new in-app functions that other travel guides not (yet) offer. For instance,
the ‘Cuisine Guesser’: through analyzing names of restaurants this function predicts
the cuisines served there.

Click here for the website, here for downloads for iPhone, and here for downloads for Android.
Triposo: Your Mobile Tourguide

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