Top 3 soul foods in Tokyo

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Wasyoku or Japanese cuisine is classified as UNESCO's world heritage. You may think that those cuisines are expensive and need to wear a formal attire when entering a restaurant. Some are Yes, ans some are Not.

Here are the 3 top Japansese plates more casual and familiar with locals. Let us browse through those soul foods now.


Motsu is a Japanese word for insides of cows or pigs. They are a popular material of Japanese dishes.

Motsu-yaki, is a BBQ grilled squwers of Motsu, or animals internal organs, such as intestins or levers. It may not sound fascinating, but do not be afraid. They are all cleanly prepared, seasoned and cooked. Once you taset it, you will be stunned by it delicasy. There are several Izakayas specialized in this plate especially in Shitamachi or a commoners district.

Top 3 soul foods in Tokyo


 2. Monja-yaki

Less popular than Okonomi-yaki perhaps but a speciality of Tokyo is Monja-yaki. These tow are quite a like as the ingredients and the way to cook are concerned, but its taste is totaly different. It is a mixture of batter and vegetables, accompaied with different ingredients such as seafood, meat, squid or octpus, marinated ginger etc etc, cooked on top of a hot pan and eaten at the table.  It's more cripy and rich in taste since batter is made with broth of dried fish.

There is a street called Monja-street in the waterfront district specialized to this plate only, where there are some 50 restaurant of this.

Thisi is the speciality of Tokyo and you will not taste it neither in Kyoto or Osaka.

Top 3 soul foods in Tokyo


3. Oden

When winter comes, people start to long for this plate.

It is a dish cooked in a big pot cooked in a fish broth. The ingredients are widely varied such as fish ball, tofu (fried or raw), meat ball, boiled egg, rice cake covered by fried tofu, sea weed etc etc.  People buy these ingredients at a store specialized for this, and cook at home. There is a Oden-ya, one of the style of Izakaya specialized in Oden where they claim the originality of ingredients and broth at each one of the Oden-yas. Also, it has become a major item to be solde at convenience stores, because of its popularity and economy.

Top 3 soul foods in Tokyo

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