19 May 2016

Last week, we went to a dry landscape garden in Tokyo. I have been to the dry landscape garden of Ryuan temple in Kyoto. But I like the one in Tokyo better since it is surrounded by nature and there is almost nobody to interrupt my time as the picture down there.Tokyo's dry landscape garden

There is a nice resturant where we ate delicious Japanese noodle. After lunch, we walked in nature for an hopur with lots of beaytifule flowers.

Tokyo's dry landscape garden

Then we visited a unique museum of Japanese antiques. You can buy nice sourveniors too. There is a Japanese Sake tasting terrace too. It was so nice that I made a tour "Tokyo's Dry landscape garden and something new tour with Yuki". If you have been Tokyo many times and want something different, this is the tour you take! Please try the URL link above to visit my tour with more information. Yuki

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