Tokyo Traditions and Trends

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The Tour of Old and New Japan in Asakusa
In Asakusa which is visited by more than half of the overseas tourists, you will encounter Tokyo’s oldest temple Sensoji Temple as well as the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), which is the outermost gate of Sensoji Temple as well as the street lined with old-school shops that lead to the inner precincts of the shrine. Many of the stores offer services in English.

Senso-ji Temple Senso-ji Temple, the oldest temple located in Tokyo, and Nakamise-dori connecting the Kaminarimon entrance to the main hall, are constantly crowded with sightseers on a yearly basis. Since the area has always had a large number of temples since the Edo Period, it has been called Teramachi, which translates to ‘City of Temples’. Asakusa Kokusai Avenue is where you can enjoy shopping while walking through this Teramachi. As soon as you exit Asakusa Station, there are many unique stores that sell goods such as Japa...

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From Anime to Idols to electronics, Akihabara has it all
Akihabara is continuously abuzz with tourists from all over the world. Akihabara is a pop culture mecca representing anime and manga and is popular as a tourist sightseeing spot largely due to the concentration of stores specializing in Japanese electronics.

Akihabara Electric Town Akihabara has gained a widespread reputation as Japan’s largest area for electronics. Taking advantage of the period of rapid economic growth, stores dealing in software and parts were established and Akihabara progressed into one of the leading electronics areas in the world. Furthermore, there has been a steady increase of stores selling game software which, by no surprise, has occurred simultaneously with the rise of anime and game ‘otaku’ (enthusiast) culture. Recently, there have been many Chinese...

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Shibuya, the Pulse and Heart of Tokyo’s Youth
The scramble intersection of the youth mecca of Shibuya is the world’s busiest, with 500,000 people crossing it daily. Besides the shopping and cuisine, enjoy the unique atmosphere of this neighborhood

The appeal of Shibuya Out of all of the areas in Tokyo, Shibuya is the city center with the largest number of young people. A trendy area, it is filled with many stores and cafes. Once you leave Shibuya Station and walk straight across the main crossing, you will hit the main shopping street in Shibuya. Once known as ‘Shibuya Centre Street’, it is a place where you can find anything from amusement centers to fast food chains to large-scale CD shops. From 2011 onwards however, there was a name change of the street to ‘Basketba...

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Meiji Jingu Shrine

Tokyo Traditions and Trends

Photo by Planetyze

Feel the mystical energy of the Meiji Shrine
Meiji Shrine, located in the Shibuya district in Tokyo, attracts the greatest number of visitors from throughout Japan for hatsumode or the first shrine visit of the New Year. If you happen to be lucky enough on the day of your visit, you could catch a glimpse of a traditional wedding ceremony.

Meiji Jingu Every New Year’s Day on ‘hatsumode’, Meiji Jingu, which is over 700,000 square meters in size, receives around 3 million worshippers, reflecting its ability to attract the greatest amount of visitors in the nation. Considering the amount of lush greenery located inside the perimeters of Meiji Jingu, it is hard to believe that it is located in the same vicinity as bustling commercial centers such as Harajuku, Omotesando and Shibuya. To reach the shrine from JR Harajuku station is a mere 5 minutes away and one coul...

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19 Nov 2016

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