Todaiji Temple (Great Buddha Statue), 東大寺(大仏)

by Masaki




Todaiji Temple (Great Buddha Statue), 東大寺(大仏)

Todaiji Temple at the foot of Mt.Wakakusayama is located in the central part of Nara city. 


The Deer Park, including Todaiji Temple, Kofukuji Temple, Kasugataisha Shrine and Syosoin Treasure House is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Japan, attracting several thousands of tourists in and out of Japan in a day. 

東大寺や興福寺、正倉院や春日大社などを含むこの一帯は奈良公園と呼ばれ、日本有数の観光地となっています。 国内外から数千もの人たちが日々訪れます。 

 It was constructed in the middle of 8th century as the head temple of all the state-established provincial temples.


In modern terms, it corresponds to a Buddhism university.


Hearing of temples, you may imagine funerals or something, but this temple doesn't offer funeral services. 


Since the beginning of its history, it had served as a Buddhism learning center. It was also a center of teaching Buddhism to young monks. 


Kukai, the greatest religious leader, spent his young days learning Buddhism here in Nara. Later he became the head of the temple.


Most of the temple structures were reconstructed in later years, but the octagonal copper lantern remains in the original shape.


Nandaimon Gate was built in the end of the 12 century and it  retains the original form.


Todaiji Temple (Great Buddha Statue), 東大寺(大仏)

Since the beginning of its history, the temple had been involved in war. The wooden structures burnt down and the Great Buddha Statue was destroyed twice. 


The current structures and the Statue of Great Buddha were rebuilt in the Edo period. 


 Todaiji Temple (Great Buddha Statue), 東大寺(大仏)

 Todaiji Temple holds the Omizutori ceremony (water-drawing ceremony) every March. 


The ceremony, a special feature of spring,  tells the advent of spring in Nara. 


Todaiji Temple (Great Buddha Statue), 東大寺(大仏)

The news of Omizutori is often broadcast throughout Japan on television. 


 When the ceremony is over, Japanese people feel the coming of real spring.


25 Jun 2017

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