Tochigi prefecture (Nikko, Nasu, Mashiko and so on) and me.

by Jack - Japan Licensed Guide
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Hi, everyone.  Thank you for reading my blog which I have decided to write not everyday but at least once a week or so.


My name is Jack

Firstly I think I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Jack.  This is not my real name but nickname. My wife nicknamed this

after a little monster which all Japanese know the name called Amanojaku.  Amanojaku is the person who is perverse or contrary person.

As I am not an obedient husband, she called me Jack Amano.  As you know our name's order is surname first and given name.

When we talk to Westerner, we adjust Western way.  AmanoJaku turns to Jack Amano.  I am not such a perverse person. Don't be

afraid of appoing me as a guide.   I hope you will understand me through this blog.  

Tochigi prefecture (Nikko, Nasu, Mashiko and so on) and me.


I was born in Fukuoka prefecture which is located in Kyushu Island.


 When I was two years old, my father joined Naval Deffence Forces

as a pilot and our family moved to Tateyama, Chiba prefecture.  


Then we moved to Yokosuka, Yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture 


due to my father's relocation order.  Then he resigned the Forces and our family moved to Nishinomiya which is located between 

Osaka and Kobe.  


Three years later we moved to Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture since then Kanagawa prefecture has been 

my hometown until my departure to New Zealand.  I have lived in New Zealand for 22 years. 


to be continued........

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12 Aug 2014


Licensed Guide
(23) Reviews

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Jack was a wonderful ambassador to Nikko. He worked with us on customizing our day - ensuring we saw the both "hidden" and popular spots in a shortened time period, without ever feelng rushed. From being able to scoot down narrow lanes (definitely not where any tour bus could go!), to wonderful lunch spot recommendation, to his knowledge of sites, we can't imagine a better day or guide. Friendly, ...
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Jack was an excellent guide. We were potters many years ago and were impressed by his knowledge of ceramics and of Hanmada’s life and his work. He took us skillfully through Mashiko during the large pottery fair. He guided us to some wonderful galleries were we purchased workdays to take back home.We had a fabulous day with him. He is highly recommend.
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