Tips for Japanese Culture (1) School Excursion

by Tak

Tips for Japanese Culture (1) School Excursion”SHUGAKU RYOKO" or  school excursion is travel events which most of Japanese middle schools and high schools conduct. Literally, it means “an excursion performed before the graduation”. As a matter of fact, probably due to preparation for examination, most schools perform school excursions in the 2nd grade or early period of 3rd grade. Many of students in Tokyo and Kanto region go to Kyoto and Nara while local students head for Tokyo. You may see groups of students who wear same school uniforms at Asakusa-Sensoji temple, Meiji-Jingu shrine, Imperial Palace or other sightseeing spots and joyfully seeking their souvenirs. They might be on school excursions.

In recent years, the purpose of school excursions has been changed from prizes of graduation to studies in historical spots. They are required to write reports. It might be toil and I’m not sure it is right or wrong.

25 Oct 2016

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