09 May 2016

    This message is for foreign tourists that want to experience Japan and meet Japanese people   Hi, my name is Tetsuyuki. Tetsu for short. Tetsu literally means iron, so you can call me Ironman My life’s calling is to be a missionary of Japanese history and culture. My passion is teaching about Japanese culture. And my aim is to make people aware of our intellectual and artistic contributions to the world. In other words, I would like to be a grassroots diplomat. I have been teaching English, Japanese history and Japanese Classics for more than 30 years. Many foreign tourist, like you, want to know more about Japan. We, Government Licensed English speaking Tour guides have the answer to your needs. I would love tourists, to enjoy our safe, clean and well-organized Society. On top of that you can also enjoy the world’s renowned gracious hospitality of the Japanese people. I think Japan is a country that can leave a positive and long lasting influence on its guests with her spirit. In most cases, nationally certified Guides are the first Japanese to contact guest tourists.   As representatives of Japan, our responsibility is of the utmost importance. I hope that you can get all of the information that you may need about Japan through our services.

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