31 Oct 2015

Among foreign visitors, Shirakawago near Takayama is very popular. Why?

They want to see the unchanged and old countryside with houses with a thatched roof.

But it is not the only one you can see in Japan.

If you don't have enough time to go and stay in Shirakawago or Takayama, I would like to suggest one village near Kyoto.


Unlike the old city with tremendous old cultures, this village remains unchanged.

For us, Japanese people, it reminds us of good old days.

Two hours away from the city, the village is there wihtout appealing any to foreign visitors.

It is a small village, but you will walk a tiny path between the houses and just feel the life existing there.

The unchanged countryside

Most of the houses have thatched roof like this

The unchanged countryside

Here is a quiet village, welcoming you.

The unchanged countrysideThe unchanged countrysideThe unchanged countryside

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