12 Jul 2014

This time, I guided  a family with 3 kids and showed them around the important sites.

They stayed at Kyoto style house called Machiya. This is very good for a family to stay at. You can rent a whole house for a couple of day as your accommodation. The necessary facilities, of course, come with the house, such as a toilet,a bath room, and a kitchen.  

I was worrying about the approaching typhoon, but luckily, the typhoon had gone when we started the tour.We were blessed ( too blessed?) with a fine weather, ......rather hot and humid. but we enjoyed the tour 

The tour itinerary

meeting at Machiya house at 9 AM

dropping at seven-eleven to withdraw money

( subway and a city bus )

Kinkakuji temple known as Golden temple

( city bus )

 Nijo castle founded in 1603

( subway )Okonomiyaki lunch

walking along Nishiki food maket to have dessert 

 ( they had soy-milk soft icecream, yummy~)

( subway and JR )

Fushimi Inari shrine




They knew about Okonomiyaki  and hadn't had it yet in Japan. They were pleased to have it for lunch.

They enjoyed various kinds of Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba ( fried noodles ) plus beer!!!!

The restaurant serves other kinds of food as a la carte so they ordered grilled green papper produced in Kyoto. They really loved it. 

They found it Nishiki market.  That must have been fun and interesting to them. I explained various kinds of Japanese food and how to eat  to them and they said everytihng was interesting.


Suica card is an IC card you can get in Tokyo for JR and subways and so on in Tokyo  but can be used in subway and private train line as well as JR in Kyoto. However, due to the machine trouble in Tokyo, somehow, two of their cards didn't have any record to show that they got out of a certain station in Tokyo. At the beginning, my clients were said that they couldn't use it any more in Kyoto because of the wrong record. So I negotiated with a station staff andthe wrong record inside of the cards was erased and made usable by the staff 
During the tour, unexpeted thing may happen. But If you are with a guide, it is much easier to deal with such a  matter.

 The tour with visitors from abroadThe tour with visitors from abroad

Kyoto highlight- tour https://triplelights.com/japan/kyoto/tour/42/kyoto-high-lights

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