The Olympics in 1964

by Hiroyuki

The commemorative accommodation in Yoyogi ParkThe Olympics in 1964

Yoyogi Park in Tokyo is the legacy of the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics. The area was a training field of the Imperial Army before the end of World War Ⅱ in 1945. At the request of occupational forces, the U.S., this huge land area was requisitioned and a housing complex for US military officials' families called Washington Heights was built. After Washington Heights were used for the U.S. from 1947 to 1963, it was returned to Japan. The many houses were renovated and used as accommodations of the Olympic village. The photo above is a remaining one where the Dutch athletes stayed during the Olympic Games. After that, the area has been developed as a wonderful urban park. Tokyo has changed from time to time. While walking with you, I would like to talk about it. Why don't you join my tour?

Yoyogi Arena used as a venue of swimming competition at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, built on the old site of Washington Heights(on the route in my tour, A colorful walking tour in Tokyo)

The Olympics in 1964      

21 May 2017


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