25 Aug 2014

Once you step into the site, you will encounter over 1000 years of time.

Horyuji temple located in Nara pref. has a pagoda dating back to 711.  The temple itself is said to have been established in 607. 

The son of the Emperor Yomei, Shotoku Taishi, completed the temple. 

At Chu-mon ( middle ) gate, a couple of guardian statues welcome you. These statues are clay standing statues. But they have been slightly repaired several times. Now they are a little fatter than they were.

The oldest structure in the world. ( Horyuji temple)

The pagoda has 4 sickles at the decoration of the rooftop. It is for avoiding being hit by thunder. Why? I will explain it to you at the time of the tour. This is one of the 7 wonders of Horyuji temple.

The oldest structure in the world. ( Horyuji temple)

The pillars along the corridor surrounding the main site are unique shaped. The top and the bottom are a little thinner. Do you remember the similar pillar?  This design was brought a long way from Greece by way of silk road. What a long time the travelers in those days must have spend and how much hardship they had to endure. Imagine it and you will feel as if you were a witness of the history.

The oldest structure in the world. ( Horyuji temple)


Horyuji website ---- http://www.horyuji.or.jp/horyuji_e.htm

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