18 Aug 2015

Fascinating ocean view!

One of the first opened ports to overseas.

Yokohama is one of the two largest seaports in Japan. The port was opened to foreign trade according to the 1858 treaty between America and Japan. At that time Yokohama was still a small fishing village, but it became the gateway to western culture and civilization. In fact, the city has many firsts; such as, the first telephone service was introduced in Yokohama, the first railway line (between Yokohama and Shinbashi) was opened to the public in Yokohama, and even ice cream was first sold in Yokohama.

Fascinating ocean view!

The beautiful scenery even attracted a histrical figure.

Since then, Yokohama has grown rapidly to become the most important port in Japan. Yokohama was also the preferred anchorage of Commodore Perry, a histrical figure who was instrumental in opening Japan to the West at that time. It is said that Perry chose the site because of its beautiful scenery. Regardless of the modernization and industrialization, Yokohama's appeal has not changed. From Rinko Park, you can look out over the bay and feel like a master of your own ship at sea. 


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