19 Nov 2015

How many times did we exchange emails befoere your visit to Osaka,Kyoto,and Nara?

It was in April that I got your email for the first time,when our splendid Momiji Tour has begun.

Since I really  want to have you all enjoy yourselves and get memorable experiences in Kansai,

I started out to make up all the itinerary suitable for you,and review it again and again.

To be efficient ,is always in my mind.

According to the changing weather ,I tried to replace A with B so that we could pay a visit to places of interest and scenic beauty.

Although we couldn't get reservation tickets for the Romantic Train at Arashiyama area beforehand,

my wife bought the ones sold on the day early in the morning for you.

I really begged her to do it for my important customers because she took day off on the day.

It's my honor to have your compliment .

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