The Garden usually not open to the public

by Hiroyuki

Designed by a great master

The Garden usually not open to the public

Ikegami Honmonji Temple is historic and prestigious. It is located in Tokyo's Ota ward. In the compound, there is a Japanese-style stroll garden named Shotoen, where it is believed that the garden is one of the masterpieces of a designer, Kobori Enshu(1579-1647). This garden can be seen through the window of the temple building but it is open to the public only for a few days once a year. In addition, this place is famous for a historic event that after the Restoration of Imperial Rule on October, 1867, a top level meeting between the new government and the old shogunate was held, resulting in the surrender of Edo castle without blood shed. In my tour, A quiet Temple and well preserved Nature , Ikegami Honmonji Temple is the main destination. Why don't you join me?

A tea room in the garden

The Garden usually not open to the public


11 Sep 2017

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