京都の魅力 The Charm of Kyoto part1 ( 2 - 5 )

by Masaki - Japan Licensed Guide
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京都の魅力 The Charm of Kyoto part1(2-5)

The charm of Kyoto lies in its cultural diversity.


It used to be the capital of Japan.


 京都の魅力 The Charm of Kyoto part1 ( 2 - 5 )

Emperor Kanmu moved the capital from Nara to Kyoto in the end of the 8th century.


Emperors lived here for more than 1,000 years.


It had been the center of culture and art as well as government.


 京都の魅力 The Charm of Kyoto part1 ( 2 - 5 )

The biggest crisis occurred in the Second World War.


Kyoto was targeted as a city of bombing.


Some people insisted that they should destroy it with their atomic bomb.


But the United States was aware of its cultural and historical values.


If they had attacked it, the whole city would have disappeared from the world together with its important heritages. Almost all buildings were made of wood.


京都の魅力 The Charm of Kyoto part1 ( 2 - 5 )

People can rebuild their lost houses, but historical structures will never return.


Japanese people would be sad for it and angry with the United States.


The leaders of the US never admitted the bombing of the ancient capital.


It was lucky enough to be saved from bombing.


Now you can see many historical structures and artwork.


Because It is blessed with natural beauties, you may enjoy Kyoto in anytime of the year.


 京都の魅力 The Charm of Kyoto part1 ( 2 - 5 )

It has traditional industries, but it is also a modern, academic, industrial city.


Many of the buildings have been designated as a World Heritage Site. They are not for Japanese people but for people all over the world as well.




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19 Jun 2017


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(55) Reviews

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