The Birthplace of Wakizaka Yasuharu (脇坂 安治;1554-1626)

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The Birthplace of Wakizaka Yasuharu (脇坂 安治;1554-1626)The Birthplace of Wakizaka Yasuharu (脇坂 安治;1554-1626)The Birthplace of Wakizaka Yasuharu (脇坂 安治;1554-1626)

After having retired from our office in last June this year, I've tried to study hard about histories of my home town area. This is because I have a stout interest in delivering the rich sightseeing resources here to inbound tourists from abroad. It may be true that these spots in the northern part of Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) are not necessarily well-known or viewy, comparing with the ones of Kyoto or Nara, but I think even such conservative places may give us confident and persuasive knowledge about some historical event, once you actually visit the site.

Today, I dropped into a small ruin, which is said to be the birthplace of the feudal warlord, one of the "Seven Spears at Shizugatake Battle" (賤ケ岳の七本槍). Thanks to his great feat, he started climbing the ladder of success since then. It may have been all about his luck of time, but I cannot help but feel a kind of pride as a homeboy from a desolate hamlet.

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27 Nov 2017


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(1) Reviews

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