05 Oct 2014


Tokyo Fashion Week


Right in the middle of the various fashion weeks, from the 13th to 19th of October, the whole fashion circus travels to Tokyo and sets up camp. Japanese designers present the latest styles for the season Spring 2015. As many as 48 brands participate, including: Dresscamp, Mr Gentleman, Taro Horiuchi and Lamarck. Although many of the runway shows are invitation-only, there are plenty of events in the city to satisfy the needs of any fashionista.

The Biggest Fashion Event in Tokyo: MBFW

Style by Jotaro Saito, photo courtesy of tokyo-mbfashionweek.com



When? October 13-19, 2014

Where? Main venues are Hikarie in Shibuya and the especially set up 'Mercedes Benz Collection' in Roppongi.

Website:http://tokyo-mbfashionweek.com/en/ (in English)


The Biggest Fashion Event in Tokyo: MBFW


Style by Somarta, photo courtesy of tokyo-mbfashionweek.com




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