02 Sep 2015

The art of Replica Foods!!

Let's make Replica foods! https://triplelights.com/japan/tour/tokyo-amazing-japanese-art-lets-make-replica-foods-485   Click here!

 Have you ever seen food samplings at a restaurant show window? They look just as same as real foods, but actually these are made of resin! Replica foods originated in Japan about 80 years ago. It is the best way to show the menu or products without wasting money of real things. It's rarely seen these in Western countries, but it 's getting popular in some Asian countries.

You can experience to make your own food samples (2kinds of Tempra & a lettuce) at Ganso Shokuhin sample shop which was the first replica foods company in Japan. On the workshop, we use wax instead of resin which was an original material of making samplings until the late 1970s.

It 's amazing and fun experience that you can learn how to make it!

The art of Replica Foods!!The art of Replica Foods!!The art of Replica Foods!!

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