The 3 Best Mountains in Hiroshima Prefecture

by Luke

If you are planning to get lost in the countryside during a trip to Hiroshima, then these three mountains offer fantastic hiking trails and stunning sights from a great height. Enjoy full panoramic views from the top of these amazing mountains:

Mt. Haigamine

The 3 Best Mountains in Hiroshima Prefecture

(image by 呉市)

Mt. Haigamine is located in the northern part of Kure City. Since there are no other tall mountains in the vicinity, there is an unobstructed 360-degree view. Although the mountain is relatively low, there is a feeling of altitude as it overlooks the sea with its crossing ships and the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, and on a clear day, you can even see as far as the Shikoku Mountains. The summit can be reached on foot or by car.

Guidebook from Planetyze about Mt. Haigamine
Tours of Mt. Haigamine

Mt. Misen

The 3 Best Mountains in Hiroshima Prefecture

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Mt. Misen has an altitude of 535m. The view from the peak takes in a huge panoramic view of 360 degrees overlooking the Seto Inland Sea and the islands. There are 3 mountain-climbing routes. The shortest route, the Momijidani Course, is the ideal trail for beginners which can be enjoyed for the colors of the four seasons. In particular, the wonderful colors of autumn can be savored through the many maple trees along the gorge. Stone Buddhist images remain from the ancient days along the Daisho-in Course, and there are many spots along the way that are great for observation. There is a 2000-step stone stairway and the route is ideal for its paved road going downhill. The longest route, the Omoto Course, goes through the Natural Monument-designated Virgin Forest Misen. You can enjoy a walk in a mystical atmosphere of lush woods and many gigantic rocks. The climb to the peak takes anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours one way. There is also a ropeway available so that you will want to use the route that best suits your time and stamina.

Guidebook from Planetyze about Mt. Misen
Tours of Mt. Misen

Mt. Fudekageyama

The 3 Best Mountains in Hiroshima Prefecture

(image by 広島県)

Accessible within 1 hour from Mihara Station by bus and on foot, Mt. Fudekageyama is located within Setonaikai National Park, and it is said that the beauty of the large and small islands as seen from the mountain top is something that is singular for the Seto Inland Sea. The park area at the peak is also renowned as a site for cherry blossoms, and many people come visit for the hiking from summer to fall and for the fantastic ocean fog in winter. Walking the 3km up from the 311m-high Mt. Fudekageyama will take you to the 445m Mt. Ryuou. You will definitely want to take in the superb view from there.

Guidebook from Planetyze about Mt. Fudekageyama
Tours of Mt. Fudekageyama

23 Dec 2015

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