The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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The venue for yacht race

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Before the opening of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Enoshima yacht harbor(the photo above) was built. Toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it has been improved in its facilities and others. In my tour, Kamakura History & neighboring area excursion, after walking around Kamakura and riding Enoden, a local train line, you are to visit Enoshima which has long been popular and depicted in Ukiyo-e, woodblock printing. It is famous for both worshipping and scenic beauty. It is attractive because of the touristy features. If you are interested in this place, please join my tour.

Local train line named Enoden with a view of the sea and Enoshima like this

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics  

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(19) Reviews

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“ Difficult Day In Nikko ”

1 month ago Traveler: Debra -   Tour Guide: Hiroyuki

Hiroyuki is an amicable, pleasant guide whose English is good but not fluent. We had some questions that he clearly did not understand. Our trip to Nikko was not a success because Hiro was not prepared with a “Plan B’” in mind for the difficulties that we experienced. The difficulties were not his fault: a national holiday that created horrific problems and delays on public transportation and fog...
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“ Very beautifull waterfalls ”

1 month ago Traveler: Frans -   Tour Guide: Hiroyuki

Hiroyuki was very friendly but sometimes a little hard to understand and we felt that if his grasp of english had been better he would have had a lot of knoledge to impart. The tour was wonderful and we took a lot of photos to remind us of the beauty of this area.
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“ Very informative ”

5 months ago Traveler: Carolina -   Tour Guide: Hiroyuki

Hiroyuki was very flexible and accommodating as we only had a few hours to spend in Tokio. Very nice experience! Wish we had more time to learn more about Japan and its culture.
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“ Very nice man, but English not so good ”

6 months ago Traveler: Ronald -   Tour Guide: Hiroyuki

Hiro is extremely nice but we are very sorry we used him for our first trip to Japan. It is not fair to have a guide that cannot tell you stories about the places or anything other than the paragraph you read on triplelights I about the sight you are visiting. Hiro really should not be an English tour guide, it was not fair to us, we spent 4 days just following him around from place to place in...
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“ A half day around Nikko ”

Very Good
7 months ago Traveler: Eric -   Tour Guide: Hiroyuki

Hiroyuki is a very knowledgeable man. Teaching me about the history of Japan and the Edo period. I learned a lot from him. It was during Golden Week in Nikko so it was very crowded so we had to change up the itinerary to a walking distance instead of taking a bus. So the tour was a little shorter and went to less places but what can you do? Still had fun and learned a lot. Thank you for the tour.
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“ It was a nice tour ”

Very Good
7 months ago Traveler: RUTH -   Tour Guide: Hiroyuki

We had a day with fun together with Mr Hiroyuki. Lots of walking but lots of good laugh with him. He is very knowledgeable and very kind. I will recommend Mr Hiroyuki to be a day tour guide in Tokyo. -Ondoy Family-
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“ Hiroyuki was great! ”

7 months ago Traveler: Amy -   Tour Guide: Hiroyuki

Hiroyuki was great! We booked him only a 1 day prior and it was a very easy process. He met us at the hotel and built a custom itinerary. When we wanted to do things of the itinerary it was not a problem. He would take pictures for us of us which is always nice. He had a lot of great knowledge that made the tour very insightful. At the end of the day we wanted to stay in Asakusa so he departed fro...
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“ Wehat a wonderful day! ”

7 months ago Traveler: MICHAEL -   Tour Guide: Hiroyuki

HIroyuki gave us a wonderful tour of Kamakura. We have traveled to more than 75 countries and we have been on over 55 cruises to many lovely places. Hiroyuki was able to give us a sense of the history and majesty of Kamakura along with a great overview of Japan's history, beauty and culture. He made us feel welcome in his beautiful homeland. This day will stand out among our most cherished memorie...
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“ Fantastic trip to Japan ”

7 months ago Traveler: Natalia -   Tour Guide: Hiroyuki

My husband and I were in Japan for the first time, and we think the trip was a success largely due to Hiroyuki.We would like to express our great appreciation to our guide for the wonderful trip. All the four days Hiroyuki spent with us were planned by the minute. Hiroyuki showed us wonderful Tokyo, amazing Nikko and beautiful Kamaguru. Hiroyuki from the first day taught us how to use public trans...
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“ Great Tour Guide ”

8 months ago Traveler: Cindy -   Tour Guide: Hiroyuki

Hiroyuki was a very good guide. He was very thorough and on time. He help make our last day in Japan very enjoyable.
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