Sword-looking umbrellas


Sword-looking umbrellas

Major tourist destinations in Japan have these type of umbrellas, which are good selling at souvenir shops! 

Samurai soldiers are entirely extinct in modern Japan. If you want to act like a Samurai, this item will be a great help. Put on casual Kimono coat, hold this umbrella, and make a confident posture. Then you are the last Samurai!

It is safe as long as you don't poke with evil intention against your play partner. Why not get one for yourself?

19 Oct 2017

Licensed Guide

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Hi, I am an English speaking tour guide with national license. I love travelling overseas myself, which made me start my new career path as an interpretting tour guide in 2017 after 16 year's working at a publisher.

I have lived in Tokyo for 20 years. It has been always my joy to rediscover Tokyo, and sharing those fine tips with you is going to be my happiest monent. Let me help you create unforgettable memory by suggesting you from
casual canteens to hi-end restaurants, from traditional experience to modern activities, from sacred spots to romantic sites, and so on.

My idea is "Travel is a chance to streangthen togetherness among family, friends, and lovers." I truly got over my serious situations through travel, which I was saved by.
If you are thinking of a surprise gift during your stay to whom you are accompanying, please feel free to share your idea with me beforehand.

Just for information, I stayed in Malaysia for 2 months by summer homestay program for high-schoolers, and also studied in Hong Kong for half a year as a college exchange student. I am especially a big fan of Asian countries, but at the same time I have a strong longing for Western cultures.

Waiting for your contact. See you in Tokyo! (^_^) read more

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