"Sweet Love" Manju - "IMOKOI" Manju in Koedo Kawagoe - 2

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"Sweet Love" Manju - "IMOKOI" Manju in Koedo Kawagoe - 2

"IMO" of "IMOKOI" means sweet potatoes.

Kawagoe has been famous for sweet potatoes since Edo period.

When I went to the U.S. and made sweet potato tempra which is very popular in Japan, it tasted completely different from Japanese one.

American sweet potatoes don't taste as sweet as Japanese ones ! Not "sweet" at all !

Japanese prefer "sweet" sweet potatoes. So do I ! 

Now what's "KOI" ?

"KOI" means "Love" !   So "IMOKOI" is "Sweet Love" Manju. (#^.^#)

Sweet potatoes and sweet red bean paste are wrapped with glutinous rice dough and steamed.

If you want to fall in love with sweet potatoes - IMO, don't miss this "Sweet Love" Manju - "IMOKOI" Manju in Koedo Kawagoe ! 

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24 Jun 2016


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