Sumo traditional sports

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Sumo is one of the most popular sports in Japan  but,once Sumo was practiced as Shinto rituals

before 8th century, Sumo performed in the prescence of  Shinto god to pray for harvest & prosperity
so,today you can see ceremonial things in the Sumo
the action of  stamping down their feet =shiko・四股・しこ→stamping down evil spirits lurking in the ground
spring salt→by sprinkling salt  sumo wrestlers purify the ring,ring is sacred place
(salt has the power to clean,once there was no soap,salt was used for cleaning your hands)
There are 6 tounaments lasting 15 days every year, three in Tokyo,one in Nagoya,Osaka,Fukuoka respectively
sumo wrestlers are divided into two groups ,senior grade and junior grade,there are 692 wrestlers ,among them ,senior grade wrestlers  is  70 ,so  only 10% become senior grade     among  senior grade ,highest rank is Yokozuna・横綱・よこずな
there are  70  senior wrestler s→18 foreighn  wrestlers →12 from Mongol=there are many Mongol wrestlers
now,three Yokozuna(the higest rank)→two =Mongol wrestler   one=Japanese wrestler


every autumn ,Yokozuna do performance in the Meiji shrine as one of the Shinto rituals


photo=last autumn ,Hakuhou ・白鳳・はくほう(Yokozuna) did performance in the Meiji shrien Tokyo , he is from Mongol

Sumo traditional sports


Why sumo wrestlers  are so huge→the secret of  their  weight gain is to eat a large amount of food at one time

and  reduce the number of times to eat

usually,sumo wrestlers  take their meal two times a day=after morning training and in the evening

the photo is morning training of junior grade wrestlers

Sumo traditional sports


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