Stickers for Fresh and Aged Drivers, 若葉マークとシルバーマーク

by Masaki


Stickers for Fresh and Aged Drivers, 若葉マークとシルバーマーク


In Japan, a newly-licensed driver within one year must put the new driver sticker on the rear of the car.


Otherwise, the violator is imposed on a traffic violation ticket and a 6000-yen fine.


The drivers who disturb the beginner's car are also imposed on traffic penalty. 


This traffic rule was established in 1972.


Many countries introduce similar rules.


Stickers for Fresh and Aged Drivers, 若葉マークとシルバーマーク

The drivers who are over 70 are asked to put this sticker on the rear of the car.


As people get older, judging power for driving becomes deteriorated.


Unlike the sticker for new drivers, it is not a duty. So you are not given a violation ticket or a fine even if you don't.


However, the drivers who disturb the car with the four-leaved sticker are imposed on violation penalty.


03 Jul 2017

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