Stand-up Eating

by Masaki

 Stand-up EatingStand-up Eating


Tachi-gui literally means stand-up eating.

There is also stand-up drinking.

People make use of stand-up eating when they don't afford to take time for eating.

Some stand-up restaurants offer stools during off-hours.

Stand-up Eating

You can see such ones in a station or on a station platform. 

They serve udon or soba noodles promptly because both are easy to cook.

You cannot expect polite hospitality of them because swiftness is the most important.

Buy a food ticket by the ticket machine in front of or near the entrance.  You will be able to eat what you've ordered in one or two minutes.

Stand-up Eating

The fast food shop had already existed in the Edo period 400 years ago.

A dish cooked elaborately and artistically by a leading chef is wasyoku, and so is a stand-up food.

Wasyoku has been designated as the world cultural heritage.


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