30 Apr 2016

Spring is the season for Geisha dance shows. 

In Kyoto, there are five geisha districts and almost all of them hold spring dance festival.

Kamishichiken---- the oldest geisha district holds geisha dance show from late March to the begining of April

Miyagawa cho--- from 2nd of April to 17th of April, Kyo-odori

Gion kobu district--- from April 1st to April 30th, Miyako odori

Ponto-cho ----- from May 1st to 24th 


Unfortunately, at this moment ( April 30th ) most of them are over.

But if you are interested in, please go to Ponto-cho. you wil enjoy the beautiful geisha dance without paying tremendous charge of dinner.


spring Geisha dance show

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This is the tour walking in the geisha districts 

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