Shuri Castle: The Hot Castle

by Mieke

Prepare to get sweaty! Shuri Castle is located in Japan's tropical
province, Okinawa, where temperatures rise steeply in summer.
Luckily, you're allowed to (or should I say: obliged to) take your shoes
off for some fresh air to your feet.

Shuri Castle was built during the early 14th century, when Okinawa
was not part of Japan yet and was called the Ryūkyū Kingdom. The king
of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, Shō Hashi, resided in the castle. After his death
in 1429, the castle hosted the royal court and administrative center of the Kingdom.
It was the central point of foreign trade, and the economic, political, and cultural heart
of the Ryūkyūs until 1879. According to historic documents, Shuri Castle burned down
several times, but was rebuilt every time. The last time was during World War II, when
Japanese forces set up headquarters in the castle and it was heavily bombed by
American forces. Restoration works have taken place since 1992, based on
photographs, historical records, and memory.

Shuri Castle: The Hot Castle
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Website: in Japanese
       in English
Address: 1-2 Shurikinjocho, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture 903-0815, Japan
Tel no.: +81 (0) 98-886-2020
Price: adults 800 yen; high school students 600 yen; elementary & junior high
students 300 yen; children 6 and under are free (you can also pay with US dollars).
Opening times: 8:30-19:00, Jul-Sep -20:00; Dec-Mar 18:30

09 Aug 2014

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