03 Sep 2016

I visited Shiroi-koibito park with my guests. 

What is Shiroi-koibito? 

It literaly means white lover and is the most famous sweets souvnier in Hokkaido. 

Shiroi-koibito ( white lover )

" Shiroi-koibito” is white chocolate sandwiched between the freshly baked langue de chat biscuits.

 If you have a chance to come to Hokkaido this souvenir is a must to purchase! 

Shiroi-koibito ( white lover )

At Shiroi-koibito park, Shiroi-koibito are produced and packed one by one. 

You can see a manufacturing process in the factory. 

Shiroi-koibito ( white lover )

This is appearance of Shiroi-koibito factory.

It looks like old building in Europe. 

Museum, souvenir shop and cafe are hoteled inside the factory. 

Why don't you visit there and enjoy nice chocolate in Hokkaido? 

You can go there in my Sapporo tour.

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