26 Aug 2014

Another great place to go shopping in metro Tokyo is Shibuya. Shibuya is one of Tokyo's 23 special wards where the popular fashion streets of Takeshita-doori, Harajuku, and Omotesando are located. The term "Shibuya" also commonly refers to the commercial area surrounding the Shibuya station.


SHIBUYA: Tokyo's Center of Trends


Shoppping at Shibuya


Shibuya is an ideal place for youth fashion shopping and is not known as Tokyo's center of youth culture and fashion for nothing. Latest fashion trends often originate in Shibuya and quickly gets popular to the youth of Japan nationwide. Everything you can see in Shibuya is trendy, and comes in and out fast. One of the most prominent shopping centers in Shibuya include Shibuya 109, which is just across the street from the Shibuya station. Tons of other shopping malls and entertainment centers are widespread across Shibuya, you just can't not consider it as every shopper's haven. 


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Shibuya Crossing


SHIBUYA: Tokyo's Center of Trends

 Photo from tokyoluv.com


The Shibuya Crossing might be one of the most interesting things to witness on your trip to Shibuya. One might get fascinated by the view of a multitude of people crossing the Shibuya intersection all at the same time. The lights in every direction of the intersection turn red all at the same time, which gives birth to the sight of the heavy crowd crossing. One can witness the "organized chaos"  through looking at the view from the higher floors of a nearby building. 


Hachiko Statue


SHIBUYA: Tokyo's Center of Trends

 Photo from flickr.com


The famous statue of the dog, Hachiko, can be found right in front of the Shibuya intersection. People often meet here because it can easily be spotted and is accessible. 


Center Gai


SHIBUYA: Tokyo's Center of Trends


Center Gai is a must visit in Shibuya if you would like to feel the most out of it. Center Gai is the narrow pedestrian-only street to the left of the Shibuya crossing. Being the "center" of Shibuya, you walk through all the major entertainment facilities such as karaoke and purikura hubs. Restaurants and other cafes are also concentrated in Center Gai. 


Other Places and Access


Other streets in Shibuya include Dogenzaka street, Love Hotel Hill, Koen street, and Spain Slope. 

You can easily access Shibuya by getting off the Shibuya station, Hachiko exit of the JR Yamanote line.




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