Setsubun ~bean throwing ceremony~

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Feb.3rd.  is Setsubun, literally means 'dividing preiod'.  It is the day before the first day of spring.   A popular seasonal event is held on this day; throwing soy beans.  When we throw beans, we call out ' Oni wa soto (demons go away)' , 'Fuku wa uchi (lucks come in) '.  Teachers in kindergartens or fathers at home play a roll of  Oni with wearing masks of Oni  so that children can throw  beans  to drive them away.  My brother and I used to throw beans at our father when we were children. 

 Setsubun ~bean throwing ceremony~Some Buddhism temples and Shinto shrines hold 'Bean throwing cremony'. People gather there to catch the beans.   Generally, bean throwers are so called 'toshi-otoko & toshi-onna' literally means 'man of the year & woman of the year'. Their ages are  multiple of 12.   That's because they  were  born in a year with the same sign of the Chinese zodiac of this year. 

Setsubun ~bean throwing ceremony~

During this period of the year,  various kinds of beans along with masks of Oni are displayed at the entrance of shops and supermarkets for sale. 

 Setsubun ~bean throwing ceremony~

 Beans have been  believed to have strong power as they are the souce of sprouts.  To have the powers of the beans, we eat them after throwing. The number of beans  should be the same number of our age plus 1.  When I was a child,  I ate  just several  grains of beans and felt like eating more.  But now I should eat dozens of.  That's enough.  

 Setsubun ~bean throwing ceremony~

Recetly, another custome on setsubun day has become popular.   Eating Eho-maki, lucky direction sushi roll.   The Eho-maki sushi roll should not be cut.  First, we face to the lucky direction of the year (this year;  east northeast ), hold a piece of long sushi roll, and  eat it up quietly with your wish in your mind. Then your wish will come true. 

 Setsubun ~bean throwing ceremony~

Every year on setsubun day, our family  eat soy beans, a roll of sushi, and get full.  

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