16 Aug 2014

"Segaki" Buddhist ritual

During the middle week of August, (called "O-bon") many Buddhist temples held rituals for praying happiness of people who had passed away from this world. Among of these rites, segaki (literally meaning "feeding hungry ghosts") is a special one.

At Shoboji temple located in Fujiwara-town, Inabe-city, held a segaki ritual today.

The priests and attendees prayed for dead people, called "gaki, " who are struggling on their way to go to the Pure Land.

The highlight of this ritual is that the priest chant a Kannon sutra while attendees are flowing a plate called "sotoba" on which Buddhist posthumous name is written.

"Segaki" Buddhist ritual

We chant a special sutra for wandering dead people called "gaki."  Traditional Japanese people had been praying even for such people, so that they can get savation given from Bodhisattva (Kanzeon-bosatsu).

I think such traditional customs represent Japanese characters such as deep hospitality, generosity and so on.

We deeply wish to go to the Pure Land after death, and also wish salvation for other people.



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