Scissors-Rock-Paper, Jyanken, じゃんけん

by Masaki


Scissors-Rock-Paper, Jyanken, じゃんけん  

Jyanken is a hand game and a means of deciding a matter. 


Unlike tossing a coin,  janken is played by more than two people. 


Participants extend their hands all at once forming their hands in the shapes of rock, paper, or scissors. 


Scissors-Rock-Paper, Jyanken, じゃんけん

Rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper, paper covers rock. 


Scissors-Rock-Paper, Jyanken, じゃんけん

Janken is a zero sum hand game. 


The current janken practiced in Japan originated in the Edo period. 

Scissors-Rock-Paper, Jyanken, じゃんけん


Some people say that in the Meiji era, when Japan came into contact with foreign countries, janken was introduced into Europe and America with other Japanese cultures. 


However, people practiced various hand games similar to janken in the ancient time around the world.


In this sense, it follows that the root of janken lies anywhere in the world.


09 Jul 2017

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