School Excursions, Shugaku-ryoko, 修学旅行

by Masaki


School Excursions, Shugaku-ryoko, 修学旅行 

When walking around historical sites in Kyoto and Nara, you may come across groups  of students with school uniforms on.


These school excursions are called syugaku-ryoko.


Shugaku-ryoko literally means a trip for learning.


School Excursions, Shugaku-ryoko, 修学旅行

It helps school children to widen their perspectives.


In Japan, school excursions are incorporated into the school curriculum.


Unlike a regular school outing, the school excursion  includes two or three overnight stays. 


In recent years, more and more schools go to foreign countries.



Many schools choose destinations suitable for education. 


Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Nara are popular as its destination.


School Excursions, Shugaku-ryoko, 修学旅行 

Hiroshima is a city where the first atomic bomb was dropped.


 A large number of ordinary people were killed only by one bomb. 


It is a good place for pupils and students to reconsider the importance of peace.


 School Excursions, Shugaku-ryoko, 修学旅行

Kyoto and Nara are the ancient capitals of Japan where a lot of temples and shrines and historic sites exist.


Shugaku-ryoko also helps pupils and students to cooperate with each other and act as a group.




21 Jun 2017

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