Sanja Festival of Asakusa Shrine

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Sanja Festival is one of the wildest and largest Shinto Festivals in Tokyo.

Sanja(-sama) are two brothers who found Kannon, a small statue of deity of mercy, at the Sumida River and their master.

They are now enshrined at Asakusa Shrine.

The festival features a parade of three exquisite portable shrines carried on the shoulders of men and women dressed in festive happi-coats.

The festival is held on the third Friday, Saturday and Sunday in May every year.

If you want to see or join this amazing festival, please check my tour - Asakusa & Ueno Awesome Tour -, or just simply contact me.

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Sanja Festival of Asakusa ShrineSanja Festival of Asakusa ShrineSanja Festival of Asakusa Shrine

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(171) Reviews

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