Samurai Loved Nagoya foods.

by Rumiko

Nagoya Foods loved by Samurai


More than 70% of the famous Samurai from the fedual period (in the 16C) were from the Nagoya area. They loved Nagoya foods. 

Tempura   Samurai Loved Nagoya foods.

The long -lived Ieyasu, who founded the Edo Shogunate, also loved Nagoya foods. He was very health concious, but he especially loved tempura prawns. Some people say he died from an excess of tempura! (Don't eat too much good food!).

Now many people come to Nagoya to enjoy Nagoya foods.

Ebifurai    Samurai Loved Nagoya foods.

Ebifurai is deep-fried prawn, often served with  red miso paste.


Misokatsu is breaded and deep-fried pork cutlets with  red miso paste, usually served on salad or rice.


Hitsumabushi     Samurai Loved Nagoya foods.

Hitsumanushi is strips of broiled eel on rice. Eel is grilled and soaked in a special sauce then served on rice.

How to eat ?

Traditionally there are three stages to eat. First, mix the grilled eel and rice and eat. Second, add some condiments provided, usually green onions, spices and dried seaweed and eat. Third, pour the provided broth and eat. 


Tebasaki are chicken wing strips. They are glazed and deep fried.

Nagoya Corchin

Nagoya Corchin is high quality, locally produced poultry. Nagoya corchin is used for Nagoya local dishes at some local food restaurants. 

It makes the food nice and rich.

Oyakodonburi    Samurai Loved Nagoya foods.

Oyakodonburi used the Nagoya Cochin and eggs,when cooked together, they make an excellent dish.

The picture is Oyakodonburi with Tebasaki and Misokatsu.

Misonikomi Udon    Samurai Loved Nagoya foods.

Misonikomi Udon is udon noodles simmered in a red miso soup. The soup often includes chiken , an egg and some condiments. 


Kishimen is a flat noodle which is slightly thicker and wider than udon noodles. It is served cold or hot with soy sauce based broth.  

The Kishimen picture is inserted on the Tempura (Above).

Yakitori     Samurai Loved Nagoya foods.

Yakitori is grilled chicken on skewers. 


Inuyama Castle and Cormorant Fishing 

Take 30 minutes train journey from Nagoya and you can visit Inuyama Castle . It is one of the four national treasure castles in Japan. It is the oldest castle and it stands on a cliff above the Kiso River. The view from the castle is magnificent! Please come and visit here. From Jun 1 to October 15, you can enjoy watching Cormorant fishing in the evening. Feasting on local delicacies on a canopied barge (Optional).

If you are interested in the tour , please click here. Cormorant Fishing and Inuyama Castle Tour




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