15 Jul 2016

"Salty - Great - Luck" Manju in Koedo Kawagoe - 3

Salty-Great-Luck Manju at Kurazukuri-Honpo in Koedo Kawagoe

"Salty - Great - Luck" Manju in Koedo Kawagoe - 3

"Great - Luck" Manju is "Daifuku" in Japanese which is a soft round rice cake filled with sweet red bean paste. 

"Salty" but not actually "salty", it's just a little more salt added compared with normal Daifuku.

So don't worry, it's still sweet ! (*^^)v

We have a wide variety of Daifuku.

Why don't you try as many kinds of Daifuku as you can ? (^_-)-☆


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