Sake Brewing Season - Winter

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Sake Brewing Season - WinterDo you like sake? If yes, do you know when the sake brewing season is? It is brewed in in winter! It is because sake needs cold temperature. 

Sake Brewing Season - WinterThen, do you know how to brew sake? Sake is usually made from rice, malted rice, sake yeast and water. It is said that there are 11 processes for brewing sake.

Following are the typical processes:

(1) rice polishing

(2) rice washing

(3) maceration

(4) steaming

(5) koji (malted rice) making

(6) shubo (yeast mash)

(7) brewing

(8) squeezing

(9) filtering

(10) heating

(11) storage

 Very long and complicated processes!

Sake Brewing Season - WinterThere are approximately 1,500 sake breweries in Japan and some breweries accept visitors for a brewery tour.  

I am offering a couple of tours including a sake brewery tour. Please take a look at my tours if you are interested in them. You may be able to talk with the brewer if he is available.

A small Japanese sake brewery & a cozy Japanese restaurant in Ibaraki:

An hour distance excursion from Narita Airport to a small historic city, Sawara:

You can taste new sake after the brewery tour!

Enjoy the Japanese culture and taste in Japan!

By Nobu




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27 Dec 2016


Licensed Guide
(38) Reviews

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