Sado Island: The magic of winter - Day 3

by Ro

This morning was really cold. We woke up and had breakfast at the Ryoukan.

Again, a big breakfast with a variety of fishes, and a lot of typical vegetables from the Island. We met the Chef who made the delicious meals during our stay. He and his wife were very nice and warm people. They grow the kaki they served at breakfast and some other spices.

Sado Island: The magic of winter - Day 3

1.- Sotokaifu Road

In our way to the south of the Island, we took the road of Sotokaifu which has an unique and gorgeous view of the sea and the rocks laying perfectly by the nature. It is impossible not to have great pictures with that scene. We stoped at the fall which faces and also ends in the ocean, again with the nature offering us something to create beautiful memories of our trip. Next to the fall, there is a big wall of stone, and if you stand close to it looking at the sea, you can listen the ocean from your back!! It is an amazing experience!!!!! The rock makes the sound of the sea rebounds on it and the final effect is awesome! Even if the waves are small, you can clearly listen to them. This is definitely a “must go" spot in the island. Also, close to the fall and the big rock, there are 2 caves which it is said that it is connected to the other side of the island.


Sado Island: The magic of winter - Day 3


2.- Shukunegi


After our amazing experience through Sotokaifu, we arrived to Shukunegi. Shukunegi is a small city near the port and it used to be a city of the shipping industry. It is famous because of its well preserved houses made from wood and its small street that looks like a labyrinth which ends in an old school that it is used for traditional performances of the Island as Kodo. Walking just a few more meters, we will find 2 small temples that were built more than 400 years ago. The quietness of the place and the architecture of the houses make you feel like you traveled through time. There are only 2 houses that are opened to the public, so if you are interested in knowing how was back in that period, you have the chance to do it! Very close to Shukunegi, you will find a big statue of Shiawase Jizo,the Bodhisattva of Happiness. It is a very famous statue in the island. Most of the people get curious about it besides the statue, because of the perfect round and big bee nest that the statue has under its right arm. There was also people who offered a lot of money to have it for its unique perfect shape.

Sado Island: The magic of winter - Day 3

3.- Cafe Shima Fumi

Today our trip wasn´t that busy, so we decided to relax a little bit and enjoy the peacefulness that is one of the main attractions of Sado. We went to Cafe Shima Fumi, which is in front of the ocean, to enjoy the view while drinking Cafe Latte with one of the most delicious cheese cakes I ever tasted!!!!

Sado Island: The magic of winter - Day 3 


Today we moved to Yahatakan Hotel. It is an incredible place that it is also an Onsen. Very comfortable, warm (which is very important at this time of the year), it has a gift shop opened until late and the rooms are immense with all the facilities you will need. One of the facilities that you can find is a restaurant, so today we had dinner there. It is the Okesa Yokocho attended by a super helpful woman who tried to make us feel comfortable all the time. We ordered ramen, fried chicken and yakiniku. Everything was delicious! The place is very nice decorated in wood and red color and the entrance has two typical Japanese lanterns. We had a very nice meal. Another helpful facility is the laundry room that I am using right now while writing today´s experience... Mmmm...actually it is already time to pick up my clothes, so I will leave you for today... Good night!!!

10 Mar 2016

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