Sado Island: The magic of winter - Day 2

by Ro

Today we started early again.

We had a typical japanese breakfast at 7am at Kanazawaya Ryoukan. The meal was full of fish, rice and vegetables with tea. The owners are a very nice couple, very serviceable. After leaving the Ryoukan, we went directly to the Sado Fish Market.


1.- Sado Fish Market

Early in the morning, the boats arrive to the market with all they fished and sell them there from 7am until 9am more or less. Even when it is a fish market, the place looks so clean and barely smells! The boats have thir fishes in a net and with that they take it out from the boat to the baskets where the sellers picked from and organize inside the building in trays. The moment where they take out the fishes from the boat is the moment when also all the seagulls appear and try to steal the fishes. It is very impressive to see and also time to time scary when from nowhere one of them cross in front of you suddenly.

Sado Island: The magic of winter - Day 2


2.- Seisui Temple

The next visit was the Seisui Temple. From more that 10 years, this temple has been abandoned, but there was a time where the location was very crowded. Many years ago, there was a silver mine which gather a lot of people who wanted to work. There were many houses and also a Castle that you were able to see from the temple. But when the mine stopped working, everything around it started to disappear. This also happened to the temple. This temple was constructed in the 15th year of the Kyoho era (1730 AC) and it wanted to imitate the style of the main temple in Kyoto. This temple belonged to the Shingoon sect of Buddhism. From the entrance is smashing the view with the long stairs that takes you to the main building. Very ancient and tall trees go along with the stairs which gives the feeling of entering into a different world. Once you are on the top, you can see and feel the years inside. The Temple conserves the structure but it is easy to guess that is abandoned since many years ago. Inside the main buildings the temple keeps more that a hundred Buddha statues locked. You can also see from the top the cemetery of the temple and in the other side, what it used to be the monks house.

Sado Island: The magic of winter - Day 2

3.- Myosenji Temple

Our third visit was the Myosenji Temple. The particularity of this temple is the beautiful five-story pagoda it has once you enter. Also, there is a beautiful garden with its peaceful energy and the graveyard where famous figures from Sado Island, and also some exiled people, were buried there. You can visit also the Monk´s house with its 15.5 meters pillars! This temple was a nice place to go after having lunch because of its indescribable tranquility which makes you relax and be conected with yourself.


 Sado Island: The magic of winter - Day 2


4.- Futatsu-game and Ono-game

Our last visit was to Futatsu-game and Ono-game. Futatsu-game, also known as the Island of the two turtles. The name came from the shape of the two large rocks that you can see from the top of the mountain in direction to the sea that gives the impression of two turtles. It is a famous place in summer season where a lot of people go for swimming, camping, do barbecue and also enjoy the view that this place offers. Futatusu-gama has also a hotel and some cabins where you an stay. During winter you can also enjoy the sightseeing with the beautiful skies proper of the season. Ono-game also gain its name because of the turtle shape. The One-game is only one rock and you also have a beautiful view from one of the spots set for that. There is a path that guides you to that spot and also to a large torii gate. Futatsu-game and Ono-game were recognize with 2 Michelin stars in the Green Guide Japan.

Sado Island: The magic of winter - Day 2


Here we are again at the end of the day. We came to another Ryoukan located in the north of the Island. The rooms are big and new, and the service also very good. We had dinner here in the hotel. I extensive variety of local fresh fishes cooked in different ways. So if you plan to try local food, the Ryoukan is a great place to do it!

10 Mar 2016

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