Sado Gourmet Information vol.1: Yamashita in Shukunegi

by Fujiko - Japan Licensed Guide
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I'm sure this is the information you've waited for as a tourist.

Generally speaking, we have less variety of restaurants and cafes in Sado compared to big cities like Tokyo which is the gastronomic hub of Japan.  However, there are several restaurents and cafes that beats counterparts in big cities!

Here comes the first one, Yamashita in Shukunegi, which serves incredibly delicious pastas of many choices using fresh ingredients caught or produced locally.  Sweets are also good!

This is "Yariika  squid" pasta, one of the seasonal menu.

Sado Gourmet Information  vol.1:  Yamashita in Shukunegi


This is the entrance of Yamashita.

Sado Gourmet Information  vol.1:  Yamashita in Shukunegi

Inside of Yamashita.

Sado Gourmet Information  vol.1:  Yamashita in ShukunegiThis building was originally built as a warehouse and gate of a shipowner's house in the late Edo period, about 200 years old.

So, as you can see the interior is quite nostalgic and Japanese.  Do you know the red table was originally used for?

This is called "tarai-bune", wooden tub boat for catching seaweeds and shellfish in this region for about 200 years.

Actually, this boat was used by grandma of the chef!


One from the menu

Sado Gourmet Information  vol.1:  Yamashita in Shukunegi

This is one of the seasonal pasta, pasta with meat souse cheese on top and baked in the oven.

It looks yummy, doesn't it?  Yes, it is!

One more...

Sado Gourmet Information  vol.1:  Yamashita in Shukunegi

 This is also a seasonal dish, rissoto with scallop and mushroom.   I was hooked on this and ordered 4 or 5 times.

Now, the dessert!

Sado Gourmet Information  vol.1:  Yamashita in Shukunegi

There are usually 5 or 6 kinds of cakes and you'll never know which one will be served until they bring it to the table.

Usually, when you order soft drinks, cakes are served, too. In case of maccha, Japanese sweets are served.

This time, it was tiramisu!


They're happily waiting for you!

Sado Gourmet Information  vol.1:  Yamashita in Shukunegi

Yamashita is popular for both locals and tourists in Sado.

Thursdays are closed, but you'd better call and check if there are extra holidays like rice and persimmons harvest season.

Also, I recommend you to reserve seats in advance if you don't want to miss the chance to have a tasty pasta. 

You usually share tables and have conversations with locals or other tourists in Yamashita and it's a lot of fun.

See you at Yamashita soon!


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10 Jan 2016


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