26 Aug 2014

Roppongi as Tokyo's nightlife capital


Many tourists and locals consider Roppongi as the nightlife district of Tokyo. Given the active presence of night clubs, bars, restaurants, hostess clubs, and a variety of other nightlife entertainment destinations, Roppongi certainly is the best place to be at night. A multitude of foreigner-friendly bars and restaurants are present within the district, which makes the place very convenient for non-Japanese speaking customers. 


ROPPONGI: Tokyo's Nightlife District

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A home to foreign embassies and expat communities


Roppongi, together with its neighboring districts Akasaka and Azabu, is also known as a home to a lot of foreign embassies and expat communities. Some foreign embassies that reside in the district include the Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, and Spain. 


Foreign expat communities began to grow in Roppongi, primarily because of the presence of embassies itself. Foreign-owned bars and restaurants also spawned in the place which made it a comfortable pasttime destination for foreigners of varying nationalities. 


ROPPONGI: Tokyo's Nightlife District

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Roppongi as a cultural zone


Although considered as a nightlife district, Roppongi had a change of image in the past decade and opened its doors to a wider range of residents and visitors. The development of art musems and cultural centers within the area shows the city's efforts to cater to people who are not particularly interested in the noisy nightlife of the district. 


Urban developments during the past decade include Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown. Art museums include National Art Center, Mori Art Museum, and the Suntory Museum of Art. 


ROPPONGI: Tokyo's Nightlife District

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Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills is a shopping, corporate, and residential complex located in the area which is famous for its massive selection of stores and dining chains, office spaces, entertainment hubs, and residential spaces. The Mori Art Museum is also found in Roppongi Hills.


ROPPONGI: Tokyo's Nightlife District

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Tokyo Midtown


Tokyo Midtown, similar to Roppongi Hills, is a commercial and residential complex. The shopping mall features outlets dedicated to fashion and home interior. Cafes and dining places are also available in case you get hungry, or just want some rest during your shopping. Within Tokyo Midtown are some of the famed Roppongi art and design museums such as the Suntory Museum of Art, and the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub. 


ROPPONGI: Tokyo's Nightlife District

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ROPPONGI: Tokyo's Nightlife District

Illuminated Tokyo Midtown during Christmas season. Photo from luvtoexplore.blogspot.com




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