Rokko Meets Art 2016

by Toshiko

Kobe is located in the west part of Japan. This event, Rokko Meets Art 2016 is held in Kobe now until 23th Nov.  One of my friends invited me to go there with her, because that her son's work is exhibited in this event.

When we arrived at this Rokko Garden Terrace.  . Her son's art was set up at the hillside of Rokko Garden Terrace,  I was surprised at the elaborate and beautiful shape. The weather is not so good, dark clouds have gathered in the west.  And after the sunset, this art has gradually changed the figure. Yes, we could catch the chrysalis becoming a butterfly!! Seen the nightview of Kobe, this art looks as if the ice ball very delicate but powerful.

In Kobe, we can enjoy the atmosphere of mountainous area, it takes only one hour by public transportation from the center of Kobe.  And the night view of Kobe is regarded as one of most beautiful in Japan. If you have a chance coming to Japan, please visit Kobe and enjoy both seaside and mountainous area as you like. 

Rokko Meets Art 2016

13 Nov 2016

Licensed Guide

Contact Toshiko

Hi Everybody, I am Toshiko Kanoh, please call me Tracy.
大家,您好。 我叫加纳,和一个非洲国家一样的发音。

I am a government licensed tour guide in English and Chinese.
I like Kobe where I live in. Kobe is a city located near the sea and the mountain,
has beautiful scenery and never-ending history.
Also, there are many good restaurants and cake shops. So, Kobe is a city almost Japanese admire to live. If you have a chance to come to Japan, and come to Kobe, you sure to be a Kobe Lover.

还有,有很多好吃的餐厅和蛋糕店。 对一般的日本人来说,是座艳羡的城市。

I am very happy if I can assist you to make your tour successful.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!!
如果来到日本的话,一定告诉我。 我想为您旅游成功,竭尽全力帮助您。
我希望能跟您会面。 read more

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