31 Oct 2014

Not far from Ebisu Sky Walk in Tokyo lies a relatively unknown gaming arcade.  Different from most, this particular arcade preserves the history of Japan's retro style gaming culture by providing several old gaming machines that are available to play at a very reasonable price.


For instance, there is an old "Shinkansen", or Japanese high-speed railway, game that charges just 10 yen per play. Next there is a game called Fever Chance, an old style "janken", or rock paper scissors game, some retro slot machines and an old pachinko machine.   There is a puzzle game called puzzle bubble, a game called super scope, some old UFO catch machines, a retro pinball machine, and finally, an old jukebox playing classic hits from artists like Elvis and the Beatles.

Retro Gaming Arcade in Ebisu, Tokyo (with video)

Japan ranks number one in the world when it comes to gaming arcades, with the centre of modern gaming technology being located in the well-known Akihabara district of Tokyo.  But in this retro Ebisu arcade, you will find something much different when it comes to gaming.  For about 100 yen, you can play just about anything in the centre, and have merry old retro-time while your at it.  So if you are ever in the Ebisu area, have a look a around and see if you can find this retro-style gaming center. 

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